Life In The “Land Of Lincoln”: Explore Illinois – Illinois Travel Information

Illinois is a myriad of sites and sounds, history and multiculturalism, all blended harmoniously into what is considered a perfect microcosm of the United States. The exploding diversity of the north and Chicagoland balances perfectly with the wilderness and historic sites of the south. The major financial, cultural and commercial hub of Illinois, Chicago, is situated on the Great Lake Michigan. The rest of the state is largely bordered by major waterways, including the Mississippi River to the west and the Ohio River to the south. Due to its geographic location, Illinois has blossomed over the centuries to become the unofficial capital of the Midwest region of the United States. Get a true taste of America’s Heartland when you book your airfare to Illinois’ Interior Plains. The Joy of Illinois: Chicago and Beyond When you plan your itinerary, remember that Illinois is divided into six distinct regions that all offer a different flavor of the Midwest and are best explored by automobile. Southern Illinois is not short of parks, recreation and open spaces. The Shawnee National Forest, expanding between the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers, is a 270,000 acre wilderness wonderland, complete with rock climbing, horseback riding and observation towers. If you love wine, travel Illinois’ wine region in the south. The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail provides an excellent tour of five wineries that are easily accessible by car. Central Illinois is a notable mix of fantastic stops that will certainly round out your travel to Illinois. It also happens to be where President Abraham Lincoln’s former home and the state’s capital is located. In Springfield, take a stop at Looking for Lincoln, a collection of houses, buildings and countryside where the 16th president actually spent time. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is also located in the heart of Springfield. You can also get your kicks in Central Illinois where the Historic Route 66 passes through the state. Along the way, stop at the Amish Interpretive Center for a glimpse into the life and history of the Old Order Amish community. The fun is certainly not over yet; convince the kids that Santa does exist by visiting Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch where real Alaskan reindeer roam the grounds! Chicagoland in Northern Illinois is another influential region. After you find cheap airfare to Illinois through O’Hare International Airport, you will find yourself in the true heart of the state. Stroll along the waterfront of Lake Michigan or enjoy world-class theater and dining. Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States and a historic center for America’s civil rights movements as well as the birth and growth of modern music, including jazz, blues and techno. Witness the cultural melting pot that is the United States on a smaller scale. From hiking and fishing to historic sites and cosmopolitan exploits, travel to Illinois is certainly an all in one adventure!

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Manoj Gupta B.Tech, MBA, CPhil, MS

Main Areas: Fashion
Best Sellers: Jewellery, Sarees

Manoj Gupta is Founder/CEO of – India’s largest marketplace for Indian Products. Before founding, Manoj was Principal at Nexus Venture Partners which is one of the leading venture capital funds in India with a fund size of over $500 million. While at Nexus, Manoj was board member of, Sohanlal Commodity Management and was board observer of Prior to Nexus, he co-founded a semiconductor technology company, WIT, in US which was later acquired by Chrontel in US.

Manoj has an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, B.Tech from IIT Bombay, MS from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and CPhil from University of California, San Diego. He has has filed several patents in the US.

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For each movement, there is a dress for the pregnant ladies nowadays, which on the off chance that she wears she will feel exceptionally casual and agreeable, for instance, amid the pregnancy time in the event that she needs to go for a walk, she will be more comfortable to wearing the Maternity Gown. Presently, there are several online websites, who provide different kinds of maternity dresses at reasonable prices.

Advantages of maternity dresses

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So, if you want to buy this exclusive maternity dress, then search the internet with the term “Maternity Maxi Dresses in Australia” and get the more than hundred results. Maxi Maternity Dresses are meant for pregnant women. They are designed in such a technique that they can complete every condition of a woman while she is pregnant. It is really comfortable and she will feel more relaxed after wearing this type of garments.

But before selecting any company online, check their website and their payment or delivery schedule details and after that place the order. Most of the ecommerce site provides free delivery to their customers but it depends on the price. The maternity garments are typically comprised of cotton and are normally free fitted. These garments are expansive in size and have the capacity to cover the tummy as they are of long length. You can discover these garments broadly in the business and can buy them as indicated by your need.

Maternity outfits are sold in numerous assortments. One of them is maternity gasp. To deal with the solace level of the lady the maternity jeans are outlined without a catch. These jeans are accessible in diverse outlines and are comprised of flexible with the goal that they can extend effectively. These are accessible in diverse size so you can feel good while wearing these dresses.

Australian Album Releases in biggest entertainment world

Australian entertainment world is one of the biggest entertainment world in the entertainment industry. Here we are presenting all the latest news and gossips, everything you need to know.

1. Doctor Blake Mysteries and Craig McLachlan :

Famous actor Craig McLachlan has apparently two good news to celebrate. ABC has recently announced to commission Dr. Bake Mysteries season 5. As it has been a superhit series since it debuted in 2013 for ABC and the fourth season has broken all the previous success records of the series.

Also Craig McLachlan has been nominated for best actor at Logie Awards 2016. He will be competing against Stephen Peacocke, Erik Thompson, Josh Thomas and FirassDirani. It’s just a matter of time to know who is the winner.

2. Revealing the call records of Prince’s home :

The latest call records of Prince’s house reveal that more than 40 emergency calls were made to 911 for last 5 years. The calls were made for serious medical emergencies to other big or small safety issues.

As the detective of Minnesota asked for the call records of Prince’s Praisley Park Complex from the Moline and Illinois authorities, the Minnesota authorities finally has released the call records on Tuesday.

The record will clear the issue of emergency plane landing which was carrying Prince one week prior to his death.

3 Proud Aussie Model Pia :

Actress Pia Millar has proven that even the mom of two can be a smoking hot cover girl for the famous magazines.

Apparently the 32 years old hot model is very excited for her first cover shoot for famous fashion magazine Marie Clair. She has posted a video to her instagram from the location of photoshoot and captioned “so overwhelming” with it.

Now it’s just a matter of a time to see Pia amaze us with her new avatar.

4. Kanye West’s unusual look for Met Gala 2016:

Kanye West has surprised so many people with his new “blue contacts” at Met Gala 2016. He has apparently appeared with this “wolf- alike” look at February while performing his latest single “Wolves”

He was accompanied by his super controversial model Kim Kardashian. He was questioned by the journalists about his unusual look at the red carpet event.

Met Gala is a fund rising event held for the welfare of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute annually. “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of technology” was the theme of this year’s event, and the event was very successful.

5. Smoking Hot Avatar of Britney Spears :

With the hotter than ever body shape famous singer Britney Spears was spotted rocking a daringly revealing lime green swimsuit. She posted her couple of candid selfie at Instagram wearing the low cut and side panel cut lime swimsuit. Her photo caption was “Bought three new swimsuits today, this one is my favourite.”

Previously in March she posted similar type poolside photo in social media but that photo was accused of photoshopping. But this time she rocked the swimsuit look again adding fullstop to the allegations.

It is rumoured that the 34 years old mother of two sons is getting ready to comeback with her musical album in couple of weeks. So we are hoping to see our favorite singer with her new blasts.

Parental Influence Takes Precedence Over the Media in Anorexics

Walk down the corridor of any junior high or high school today, and you are bound to see clusters of stick-thin youngsters “sprayed” into skin-tight clothing, some showing the skin of a pancake-flat belly, figures reminiscent of the Barbie dolls so many of them played with not too many years before. Their shoes elevate them high off the ground in an effort to accentuate the very long, very lean look. Is every thin youngster anorexic? No. Is every thin youngster who got to be that way through dieting or restricting food a candidate to develop anorexia? Yes.

The statistics show a frightening trend:
• 11 percent of all high school students have an eating disorder; anorexia or bulimia.
• By the time girls get to college, 40 to 50 percent of them are reported to be disordered eaters, dieting, skipping meals and bingeing. Disordered eaters and youthful dieters become high-risk candidates to develop anorexia and bulimia, particularly when born with addiction or eating disorders in their genes and in their brain chemistry.
• Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, commonly known as anorexia and bulimia, are the most lethal of all the mental health disorders, killing or maiming from six to 13 percent of its victims.
• 86 percent of eating disorder victims are under the age of twenty.
• The average age of onset for anorexia and bulimia has dropped from ages 13 to 17 to ages 9 to 12.
• Kids as young as age five are reported to express anxiety and relieve stress through food restriction, weight preoccupation, and excessive forms of exercise.

Eating disorders result from the misuse of food to resolve emotional problems.
Anorexics obsessively strive for thinness by restricting food intake and losing weight. People with anorexia nervosa have a distorted body image and an intense fear of gaining weight or becoming “fat.” Anorexics need not be overly thin, and most of them do eat. Bulimics typically experience frequent episodes of bingeing and purging and may abuse laxatives or diuretics. Like anorexics, they have a strong desire for thinness. Compulsive overeaters or binge eaters eat enormous amounts of food and feel depressed, out of control, and guilty as a result.

Does the media influence how young people think about themselves?
Undoubtedly. Our kids are a generation that has been brought up watching the emaciated stars of Hollywood and television sitcoms. 65% of American youngsters have their own TV in their bedroom, with unlimited access to view influences that are less than healthy. Too many kids grow up believing that what they see on the screen is what women and girls are supposed to look like, despite the fact that most fashion models are thinner than 98% of American women. During the last decade, a study by Dr. Anne Becker in the Fiji Islands showed that when television first came to that part of the world, airing shows such as Melrose Park and 90210, there was an appreciable incidence of anorexia and bulimia among this country’s women and girls, where before, the disease had been virtually non-existent.

The Internet too, has become a major source of influence for our young women. Controversial pro-anorexic web sites proliferate throughout the Internet, despite the campaign to have them removed from the larger search engines. The pro-anorexic sites are places which motivate and instruct viewers how to become the best anorexics they can be. A number of my eating disorder patients have admitted that these sites were the trigger or inspiration for their bad eating habits to cross the line into clinical disease.

Scan the magazine rack of any super market the next time you are waiting to check out, and observe that magazine covers are dominated by sure-fire ways to lose weight fast and become happy, successful and loved, as a result. A 1984 study (Rodin, Silberstein and Striegl-Moore found that children view good-looking peers as smarter and friendlier than unattractive peers…and assume them to be happier and more successful. Another study revealed that about 70 percent of girls in grades 5-12 say magazine pictures influence their ideas of the perfect body shape. More significantly, nearly half of the population studied reported wanting to lose weight because of a magazine photo. (Field, Pediatrics Journal, 1999).

Parents do make a difference.
At the same time that our media is influencing our youth, even more significantly, it is also influencing their parents. The most critical messages our youngsters receive about their body image and their self-worth comes from what they see and what they hear at home. Many parents struggle with their own dysfunctions around body image and eating. One study found that 75 percent of women and 54 percent of men are unhappy with their physical appearance and wish their bodies were different. With the trendy diets that go in and out of popularity so frequently in our culture, myths and misconceptions about the benefits of diets and restrictive eating abound.

With women increasingly in the work force and/or at the health club, only 50 percent of American families sit down together at the dinner table these days. Kids are left to fend to themselves when it comes to what, when, and how they eat. At the same time, fast foods have become more available and affordable with obesity on the rise, afflicting one out of three in the U.S. today. Studies show that mothers with their own eating disorders, body image conflicts and dysfunctional eating habits have children who are more apt to suffer eating problems and depression by the time they reach age five.

Prevention and solutions start at home.
As a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for the past 32 years, I have treated literally hundreds of families dealing with eating related and body image problems. Through my work with parents and children, I have come to believe that parents who maintain healthy attitudes about their own bodies, who model healthy eating behaviors, and who provide nutritious food for their family, preparing, serving, and sitting down to eat meals together with children as frequently as is possible, virtually immunize their child from developing eating problems. Healthy attitudes and eating behaviors, along with healthy problem solving and sound parent/child connections becomes the “vaccine.” When children are raised to value themselves and the importance of making a contribution to world they live in, when they are taught to recognize feelings and are given permission to express them freely and effectively in the interest of solving problems, they will have no need or incentive to turn to food to do this for them.

When kids require information, they will take it from whatever source is most readily available. Parents need to recognize the power of the example they set, of what they do, and of who they are for their children. Nature abhors a vacuum. If positive messages are not forthcoming from the home, you can rest assured that your child will be looking elsewhere for his or her answers, to peers and to the media, to fill in the blanks. Forewarned is forearmed. Eating disorders are not only curable in 80 percent of cases that are detected early and treated effectively, but they are clearly preventable.

Valerie Young

Main Areas: Career Change Expert
Best Sellers: Finding Your True Calling
Career Focus: Self-Employment

Valerie Young is an expert on “Outside the Job Box Careers” and the founder and Dreamer in Residence at, a company designed to provide resources, tools, perspective, and inspiration to help discover and follow your dreams of a more fulfilling life, working at what you love.

Following the sudden death of her mother Barbara in 1993, Valerie left her corporate job and 90-mile-a-day commute to pursue her own dream of launching Changing Course. She is an internationally known workshop leader and public speaker. Her insight and humor have made her a popular guest speaker at such diverse organizations as Intel, Daimler Chrysler, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CIGNA, American Women in Radio and Television, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Women’s Jewelry Association, Society of Women Engineers, National Association of Bank Women, National Association of Insurance Women, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Association of Women in Science, Women Rainmaker’s Roundtable (law firm partners), Connecticut Bar Association, Zonta, Professional Secretaries International and American Society for Training and Development.

Valerie’s career change tips have been cited in such publications as Kiplinger’s, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, USA Weekend magazine, Entrepreneur, Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Self, Glamour (UK), Cosmopolitan, The Executive Female, The Globe and Mail, The Edmonton Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Oregonian, The Ventura County Star, and The Dallas Morning News. She has been a guest on People Are Talking (ABC), the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s The Current, Chicago’s WMAQ, and The Wall Street Journal’s nationally-syndicated program “Work & Family.” She joins Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Natasha Josefowitz and others as a contributing author to Not As Far As You Think: The Realities of Working Women and contributing editor to Finding Your True Calling.

In addition, Valerie has delivered her How to Feel As Bright and Capable As Everyone Seems to Think You Are program at numerous colleges and universities including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, California Institute of Technology, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Boston University School of Medicine, Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northern Arizona University, University of Houston, University of Kentucky, University of Missouri, University of Illinois, University of Kansas, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, University of Texas, University of Iowa, University of Connecticut, University of Washington, and Texas A&M.

Before founding Changing Course, Valerie was a cubicle dweller in the strategic marketing department of a Fortune 500 company. She earned her Bachelor Arts form the School of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as her doctoral degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where her research focused on understanding and eliminating the psychological barriers preventing women from achieving their full potential.